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Scholarships, Stipends and Fees Concession

The University, Government, Military, Scheduled Caste and Backward Class Scholarships are tenable at the College. Merit and National Scholarships offered by the Central and State government for poor and brilliant students are also available. Scholarships under the Government of India Post Matric Scholarship Scheme are available o Scheduled Castes/Tribes students who belong to Punjab i.e. permanently settled in Punjab State and are pursuing their Post-Matriculation studies. The prescribed application forms and entitlement cards which such students should or are required to submit can be obtained free of cost from the college office as well as form the office of the District Welfare Officer concerned. The students should submit the application forms and entitlement cards to the college office along with their admission application for onward transmission to the Director of Public Instructions (College) Punjab.
In addition to these, fee-concession and stipends will be awarded to the students on their merit. The students belonging to the SC & Backward Classes are advised to join the college at the earliest possible, as they are entitled to get their scholarships from the very date of their joining the college.

N.B.-Stipends for OBC & SC students are sanctioned from the date of joining.
OBC/SC students are advised to get a counter signature of Deputy Commissioner or GA to DC on their original certificates.
Special Scholarships for the poor and deserving students, awarded by the college:-

  1. Alumni Association Contribution
  2. D R Gandhotra Scholarship
  3. Lt. Sh. Rajkumar Scholarship
  4. Major Pt. Ved Parkash Memorial Scholarship
  5. Ms Shubh Lata Sharma Memorial Scholarship
  6. Prof. Vijay Kumar Stipend
  7. Sh.Ajit Parkash Scholarship
  8. Sh.Yash Pal Sharma Memorial Scholarship
  9. Smt Sukuntala Scholarship
  10. Smt. Saraswati Mishra Stipend Account

Fee Concessions:

  1. Fee concessions are generously granted to the deserving students by the College. Liberal financial help is also given to the poor and meritorious students to purchase textbooks, to meet tuition fees and other expenses (including clothing and mess) form the Students Aid and Red Cross Funds.
  2. Application for fee concession on prescribed forms obtainable from the college office, should be submitted when called for or at the time of admission.
  3. All the applicants for concession will be interviewed by the staff committee on a date notified by the Principal and the names of such students who are granted concession will be duly notified. Every scholar will have to pay six months fee at the time of the admission except students belonging to Scheduled Castes and other Backward Classes.
  4. A student applying for the fee concession should attaché with his/her application a certificate from the Head of the Institution last attended stating that he/she enjoyed concession there.
  5. Fee concession, stipends, scholarships etc. will be withdrawn in case a scholar deteriorates in studies, remains irregular in attendance or is found guilty of misbehavior or fails in Examination/Class Tests.
  6. In case a scholar enjoying any concession migrates or leaves the college for any reason in the mid-session, he/she shall have to repay the entire amount credited to him/her by way of any concession or stipend.
  7. Those students, who are not granted fee concession at the first instance, may apply after the first Examination. Their cases will be reconsidered on the basis of their performances in the examination.
  8. Failed students are not eligible for Fee-concession.
  9. Concession will be given to the wards of Kashmiri Displaced persons for admission to various courses.
  10. 50% Fee Concession will be given to the wards of Staff Members (son, daughter, brother, sister).

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